#TBT 2014 Summit Volunteer, Misty Redding Shares Her Volunteer Experience For Future 2015 volunteers for the Economic Summit for Women!

misty RedThe Women’s Economic Council Foundation and Tennessee Economic Council on Women are thrilled to offer volunteer opportunities at the 2015 Economic Summit for Women. This networking event is held in the heart of the “Volunteer State,” and we encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to be part of the action!

This fall’s 12th Annual Economic Summit for Women, held in partnership with the Vision 2020 National Congress, encourages both experienced and new volunteers to be a part of this empowering event.  There have been many men and women who have generously volunteered their time at previous summits, and the events have always a turned fruitful because of their dedication and enthusiasm! The Economic Summit will be held at the Nashville Airport Marriott.  In exchange for making the Summit a success, volunteers will be able to attend and participate in the Summit free of cost!

Misty Redding shared her powerful experience as a 2014 Summit Volunteer  with the TECW and is proud to be serving on the Summit Planning Committee for this upcoming summit! She is a Yoga Teacher and Manager at Liberation Yoga and also previously worked at TDOT as Public Involvement Coordinator, Community Relations.

“Being a volunteer at last year’s summit had a tremendous impact in my life,” says Misty. “I connected with many women and my life has transformed in such positive ways since then. I would recommend any woman who is looking to build their circle of women make the decision to volunteer. ” Misty met many influential women such as Mignon Clyburn, the Federal Communication Commissioner who spoke at the Summit, along with the Martha Mertz the founder of ATHENA International which is the organization that partnered with the 2014 summit. Misty was a tremendous help at the event and was also able to engage in the conversation with many powerful and insightful women.

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Misty looks forward to contributing more to the Summit in her role as Exhibit Booth Chair and is grateful to inspire other women to take the plunge of service.

The Summit and its volunteer opportunities begin at an evening reception on Sunday October 25th and continue through the full day of Monday, October 26th. There is also open positions for anyone willing to volunteer on Saturday, October 24th to aid in final preparations for the events on Sunday and Monday.

The Summit theme in 2015 is Women & Work : Breaking Barriers for Career Success. This networking and educational experience will host dynamic speakers and inspiring stories, with opportunities to grow and connect.  We hope to see you there!

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, please contact Volunteer Co-Chairs Hailey Weber (yet another former volunteer!) at hailey.weber@yahoo.com and Gicola Lane at gicolalane@yahoo.com.

Also to register or learn more about the summit, please go to http://womenseconomicfoundation.org/

You can also contact the TECW directly at 615-253-4266 or email at Info.ECW@tn.gov


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