Tennessee Women’s Hall of Fame

hall of fame


Is there a woman in your community who should be added to The Tennessee Women’s Hall of Fame (TWHOF)? Nominations are open now for outstanding Tennessee women to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this October 2015 at the Economic Summit for Women in partnership with the Vision 2020 Congress in Nashville.

Outstanding women from each of Tennessee’s three Grand Divisions will be added to the nine names currently in the Hall of Fame. Nominations may include both living and deceased individuals. “We want the Women’s Hall of Fame to include women throughout the State’s history, so we are adding posthumous induction beginning this cycle,” said Susanne Dupes, chair of the 2015 TN Women’s Hall of Fame Committee.  Established in 2010, the Tennessee Women’s Hall of Fame recognizes exceptional women who have made outstanding, unique, and lasting contributions to the State’s economic, political, and cultural well-being. “TWHOF inductees have individually elevated the status of women and championed other women, women’s issues, and served as advocates for issues important to women and families,” Dupes noted.

The deadline for nomination submissions is July 31, 2015. Nomination forms and information can be found at www.tennesseewomen.org/twhof.htm.

Nominees will be rated on the level of involvement, leadership, achievement, and years of involvement in the following four categories:

  1. Level of community and professional involvement.
  2. Personal and professional excellence in chosen business, profession, or community service.
  3. Commitment to championing other women, elevating the status of women in Tennessee, and/or advocating for issues affecting women and families.
  4. Impact on the social, artistic, cultural, economic and/or political well-being of Tennessee.

Nominations may be submitted by groups, organizations, or individuals. However, no individual may nominate herself. Nominees must have been born in Tennessee, adopted Tennessee as her home state, or resided in Tennessee for a minimum of 10 years

The 2015 TWHOF Induction will be held at the 12th Annual Economic Summit for Women in partnership with the Vision 2020 Congress on Monday, October 26, at the Nashville Airport Marriott. Information about induction attendance and full summit registration will be posted soon at www.tnwomensummit.org, and on the TECW’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tnecw.


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